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4 Tips to Reduce Tire Wear


“What can I do to make my tires last longer?”

This question is a fairly common one. As tires are used, it is normal for the tread to gradually become shallower, causing the overall tire performance to change. Too little tire tread can create unsafe driving conditions. When tires can’t grip the road, it’s much easier for the driver to lose control of the vehicle. Tire tread depth is incredibly important on wet or snowy roads; the tread is need to cut through the moisture and maintain as much contact with the road surface as possible. Irregular tread wear may occur for a variety of reasons that may lead you to have to replace a tire sooner rather than later. Regularly checking the tread depth and wear condition of each tire on your vehicle will not only let you know when it is time to replace a tire, it can also help you detect other needed maintenance and get the most value out of your vehicle and tires.

To reduce tire wear:

1) Monitor and maintain tire air pressure.

Tires lose air pressure over time. When properly inflated, tires can evenly distribute force from the vehicle to the road. When either over or under-inflated, a tried can’t make appropriate contact with the road properly inflated, parts of the tread it will start to wear more rapidly and/or unevenly.

Check your tire pressure at a minimum once a month. Also, check it before going on a long trip or when you plan to carry extra load. You can find the vehicle manufacturer’s tire pressure specifications on a label affixed to the driver’s door or along the door jam. You can also check your vehicle owner’s manual for tire pressure recommendations.

2) Rotate your tires

Tire rotation is so important to increase tire life. Your front tires take the brunt of stopping and steering forces, so they wear faster than the rear tires. If you rotate them regularly, you can help guide all four tires wear more evenly.

3) Adjust your driving habits

You can’t avoid tire wear entirely, but you can avoid driving behaviors that accelerate the damage. Taking curves too fast can wear the edges of your front tires. Hitting a pothole can create tire leaks and wear, and even mess with your wheel alignment. Slowing down and being on alert for road damage or items in the road that can damage your tires will help your tires last longer and wear more evenly.

4) Regularly check your wheel alignment

Poor wheel alignment and worn or damaged suspension can chew through a tire very quickly. We suggest getting your alignment checked when you get your tires rotated. Wheel alignment ensures optimal drivability, helps your tires last longer, and your vehicle drive smoother. If you feel a vibration in your seat or notice your steering wheel seems out of balance, your car may be due for an alignment.

Give your tires a fighting chance to live longer and keep you safe on the road by following these four tips and visiting State Street Auto Repair to have your tires inspected for signs of premature wear. We can help pinpoint the cause and get it taken care of.

Becca Ralphs